Make Your List



Christmas Lists.  I’ve probably made a max of 3 lists I can remember only sharing with my bestfriend and boyfriend.  Lists of expensive items I truly only wished to momentarily have and have totally survived with out.  I have a couple friends, like myself, that never really care to receive gifts but really enjoy giving gifts (then we have the “cheapies” that love receiving them but don’t ever give them).  I’m not sure of their reasoning behind not really caring about receiving gifts but I know that my reasoning is the complete understanding of my friends and family’s financial status along with the importance of gifting others before me.  One of my best friends asked me for my Christmas list a few weeks ago while I was in Peru and I sadly admitted not having one and it’s been bugging me because why was my reply sad if I have reasons for not making one.  I came to realize that my reasons suck.  Why can’t I make a list?  Everything that I actually want at this point in my life is probably less than $30 per item and very easy to get.  Now that I think about it, everything I’ve wanted the past few years has probably been in that price range.  I think the most disappointing part of not having made my lists is that I could have been gifting these to myself during the year here and there! So I’ve sat down and taken some time to write a list and YES I’m sharing.  

– B&N Giftcard (DUH)

– One Republic “Native” Album


– Anything Beyonce (like the BEYONCE album!!) or Shakira

-Workout/Fashion/Food&Travel/Science Magazine Subscriptions

– A puzzle of a major city in thee world

– Training Stuff

– Homemade cookiessssss

– Funko Pop!

– Groupon/Gilt Credit

– Running Dates

– Spaniard Wines


Quality Time w/food and Personalized Cards are ALWAYS the best gifts I could get ❤

Make your List 😉


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