No Pictures Please


A few days ago here in Peru, I went into the convent of St. Francisco of Asis of Lima’s Catacomb museum.  Before the start of the tour you’ll read a good number of “No Pictures Please” signs in English and Spanish.  In this convent you find beautiful baroque styled architecture and art along with an impeccable library.  A library that cannot be touched or walked through with spiral staircases that lead to the top bookshelves containing literature dating back to the 1500’s. No Pictures Please.  Earthquakes have destroyed many parts of the convent during different times of Peru’s history that have lead to rebuilding and the findings that about 25,000 locals were buried there until the 1800’s when cementaries were built.  No Pictures Please.  In order to respect the dead “resting in peace” they have left the remains in these catacombs.  Earthquakes have led to the findings of several catacombs in the nearby churches that join each other underground.  Unwritten beliefs of Peruvians is that Incas began building passage from Cusco that had lead them to Lima (a 14 hour road trip) resulting in the assumption that they may have actually found Lima before Pizarro’s conquest and would travel and hide in these passages.  These catacombs have been so brilliantly created that it will leave you very impressed.


If you tell a woman in her twenties with ADD that she cannot take pictures, she will 😉 


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