she gets it from her momma


I’ve been crazy about leather since I was seven.  It was my mom’s 34th Birthday and my dad was taking her to a local salsa concert that all their friends were attending. Well let me tell you, my momma was a fashionista!! ( I dont know what has happened btw she is no longer one) She wore this beautiful dress that night, I vividly remember it.  It had a forest green silk & lace corset top with shiny black beading that carried through the bottom tulle of the dress that ended right below her knee.  Aside from the flat-gold heels she wore to accent her dress she threw on this waist-length leather jacket with shoulder pads that had opened gold zippers ALL OVER. From that moment I thought my mom was cooler than Madonna because aside from her style underneath that dress she had culture, the best one.  Even though it took a decade after that night to understand my mom, that night I understood style and learned to appreciate green; ALL types of green.

So here I am wearing black leather pants on a chilly night with one of my favorite online finds! A lime green thin sweater to give a little warmth with gold accessories.  I decided to go au naturel with my god given curls that my dad said made me look like an animal SOoo I dressed my feet with my Kathryn Amberleigh (one of my fave shoe designers) snakeskin embossed pumps on a night out with my fellow peruvian that shares the only love for shoes along with me.  Gracias Mami, you’re 90’s looks are my inspiration, besitos :-*

photo 1photo 2photo 3

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