Some call it Gossip I call it Girl Talk


Sometimes you just need to get up and get ready for the gym on a snow day to go out and just eat breakfast with the girls.  As much as I prefer diner outings with my lover sharing meals & booths a girl always needs a high dosage of girl time to talk about, well, everything.  I hardly see my friends nowadays because let’s face it we’re trying to be grown ups, we don’t live on the same campus, and we’ve realized that dollar shots leads us to making bad decisions that makes us deal with even worse mornings.  The days that have made for reminiscing and good stories to share have become just that, great memories that we can giggle about having experienced and feel relieved that we don’t have to experience them in our mid twenties.  We’re moving forward with our life plans trying to get to the next stage in life to enjoy.  Unlike boys, we’re not trying to get back those good single times; we’re on to our next high while we’re still young.

Same people, better clothes, great beer & liquor, and nicer venues make for even better memories.

Til then, we rely on Girl Talk (with a good cappuccino) to bash on the assholes we want our friends to avoid, motivate on the travels we haven’t yet experienced, admire those who can handle the kids others wish to have, give support and hope for the rough times, and of course bring each other up to date on the karma those that have hurt us are now facing.

Remember:   Even the manliest men enjoy Girl Talk 😉





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