Top 10 Schemes that created YOU; the “Modern Woman”

Ever wonder how you may not fit-in this timeline you’re living in?  That maybe your lifestyle would have been more suitable had you been born a decade or two or five sooner?  In midst of girl talk the other night while sharing sex stories and adventures I caught myself thinking out loud how much of a modern-woman I am not.  I went to bed and woke up wondering if I was missing out on anything by not taking advantage of certain paths other women have paved for us.  How can I not be a modern woman?  I play soccer (male dominated), went to an engineering college (male dominated), and own an xbox; ok maybe I only play tomb raider on full moons and watch chick flicks on it, but still!

I may not have taken full advantage of promiscuity, the “playing games” trends, don’t think that all men are the same, refuse to ever be the other woman, and haven’t chosen elitism over feminism but I can’t totally be an old-soul.  So, I went back to a book that once offered me insight in the evolution of Fashion to see if within it there were changes that contributed to the creation of the Modern Woman.  100 Ideas that Changed Fashion by Harriet Worsley was published in 2011 and from these 100 awesome ideas I gathered the top 10 that I think were the most influential in creating ‘US’.


corset Well we’ve all seen Rose’s annoyance in “Titanic” while getting squeezed into her corset.  Although women do wear body shapers now a days, it’s not as harming and uncomfortable as corsets once were to the body.  I truly believe this changed the pressure and regulations on a woman’s body allowing them to feel the beginnings of freedom and equal rights.



We’ve appreciated the beauty in the mixture of feminine and masculine characteristics.  It’s opened doors leading to the acceptance of being “comfortable in your own skin”.  We’ve broken the barriers of having to have a certain image or having to wear habitual attire to be called a woman.  These characteristics in women have made the runways and magazines more mysterious and it’s given it a new promising life that won’t die out.



Elegant or High Sewing is the translation of the this french term of design.  Designers have been able to show their works of art through their perfectly fitting designs for one body.  Although the term is used for designs that cost a minimum of half the average yearly salary “couture” itself is used to describe the custom-made.  This has given women the okay to look like whatever they choose to be, uniquely.  Couture gives the one of a kind assurance that your ensemble cannot be anyone else’s but yours.  This has allowed girls to continue traditions such as sweet 16’s and proms with the guarantee that nobody will look like them in their “once a lifetime” moment.


grungeThe effortless IDGF look made women visually express the changes that equal rights had created.  Extra bleach or dye and less shampoo is now a hairstyle.  Scissors have found their way not just to their shirts and plaid button ups but to their denims.  This dress down look with intense dramatic eye or lip makeup makes the statement that we could femininely look like rock stars.  Thank you Nirvana.



 Celebrities have served as examples to women of all generations for years, they have become our leaders and idols.   If these women could do anything they wanted and still be rich and famous why can’t we?  They’re personal style has been copied, they’re behavior and scandals allow another okay for women to replicate, and their talents serve as inspirations for those with dreams.  It’s now a social norm to follow celebrities and their lives that have been publicized and admired.  Some celebrities have given those with humanitarian visions hope that they too can change the world.  Marilyn Monroe has allowed women to embrace their sexiness and flaws til this day.  Madonna allowed originality and controversy to be accepted in women through her music, shows, and videos.  Selena’s humility was seen, admired, and is still loved; a multi-talented beauty has opened doors for women in the latino community.  Beyonce is a prime example that women rule the world and continues to empower us through her consistent success and constant change of personal style.


Eternal YouthGrowing up I would always hear from my mom that I wasn’t old enough to wear certain clothes or makeup and then as I was old enough to do so she became “too old” to wear certain looks.  Times have drastically changed especially with fashion.  Along with clothes being made ready-to-wear they are now made for a woman up to three generations.  Aside from plastic surgery and botox the Modern Woman feels younger than her age.  Like Jay-Z said “30’s the new 20”.



Posters, pictures, objects, and card collections aren’t enough to prove how much you truly love something or someone anymore.  We want ink, pain, and originality that we can wear everywhere and show how much it means to us.  People have tattooed names, portraits, and symbols to express themselves.  It is more than just a tattoo it’s art and those that can tattoo are artists AND many are women.  It goes beyond what you want on your body, it’s how the artist can ink it; his/her imagination, pulse, and completed work.  There are conventions, contests, and shows based on tattoos that once were only worn by a certain man in the United States.


t-shirtThe t-shirt allowed the dress down and comfortable look for men which women quickly adapted to.  The casualty of the t-shirt still gives out personality.  Whether you decided on a plain, bold or bright color it says something about yourself.  Messages and businesses have become wearable as far as interest & feelings and women love them.


stilettos A woman’s heels and her ability to walk in them has become a representation of her standards.  Motherhood doesn’t change a woman’s shoes anymore and a pair of stilettos will make a women in her 60’s feel young even if it’s for a few hours.  Women now workout their legs for heels because there is no right time to wear them; it’s always the right time!


The Modern Woman doesn’t solely rely on a man for information anymore.  The internet provides everything a woman needs to know from latest trends, information on EVERYTHING (including other women), and how to do anything.   It has also made us more thick-skinned and accepting of who we are since we have the ability to follow our peers’ lives and get quick insight of what others think of us.  As much as the internet is a beautiful thing a woman (modern or not) will always be more beautiful. 😉

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