The Sweet Part of Life

20140121-175316.jpgIt’s 5pm and I, the coffee drinker, have asked for some tea. Why tea? Because everything about today is different and I’d like some sugar. The snow won’t stop falling but it won’t stop me from visiting my abuelita. That strong, courageous, and admirable woman that I haven’t seen since Christmas; the day my heart broke from the realization that she may not be able to walk again. Today she underwent a minor procedure involving a few injections to relieve some pain and help her ability to walk AND IT WORKED! After 20 minutes of slipping and sliding to travel about a mile to her home she walked to meet my hello with a warm hug. That’s when I asked my little cousin, Vicky, for some tea. My happiness is mixed with disbelief at the sight of her smile and the sound of her laugh and I wondered why had I lost hope? That’s when Vicky hands me my tea and I read the mug, “I can do all things through he who strengthens me”, and I realized that while I forgot about my faith my abuelita prioritized hers. LIFE IS SWEET.

Inspired by: This Week’s Writing Challenge


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