A Purpose.

1photoThe “Taste of the NFL Party With A Purpose” was a business casual VERY pricey event.

The event was held at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal and if you’ve ever been there you’re aware that there’s no nearby subway stop so if you’re from Jersey you will have to drive in or have what most did that night, CAR SERVICE.  While the event had stands serving tasters prepared by the nations top chefs, retired players signing autographs, and Common perform there were instances in where I had to remind myself why on earth would people spend SO much money for a good 3hrs of walking around making lines ….. To Kick Hunger.
Taste of the NFL creates these special somewhat “elite” events to raise awareness of the needs the hungry and homeless have here in our very own America.  Apparently 1 out of every 6 people in our nation face a hunger issues and amongst them are a lot of children.  I’ve been so concerned in planning a future where I could help the world’s children from issues like hunger that I failed to realize how much of it is going on in my world that I may be able to assist in.  In an event where I hoped to network for myself I learned that I was there to party for a different purpose and even though my financial situation isn’t at an all time high I could still help.  Donating a minimum of $10 can go a long way and my time may be even more valuable if I volunteered for the cause.

Here are some pics of Donna (who chose me to be her fab date!) and I that night! ❤

photo 3-1

D’s Top: Bebe

photo 4-1

80’s Vintage Necklace: Closer Look Below

photo 1

photo 2

photo 1

photo 2-1

Brooklyn Cruise Terminal Art

photo 1-1

City View from Party Yacht

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

Wishlist Auctioned Items I could NOT afford

photo 5


Massive Cake by Carlo’s Bakery that wasn’t cut! I HOPE this did not go in the trash >:-[

Annnnnnnndddd a little bit of Common 🙂


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