Mushroom Kale on Whole Grain

I’ve been wanting to experiment with Kale and remembered once having pasta with mussels (but no mussels nor regular pasta today) and some type of green in it; I also remembered the dish having toasted walnuts (which added great flavor) YUM! Now to invent while remembering my taste buds…

1/4 cup of Fresh chopped garlic
1 cup of Walnuts
1 box of whole grain pasta
10+ regular sized sliced Mushrooms (depends on how much you like mushrooms I LOVE THEM!)
1 bunch of Kale
1 cup of pasta water
Sea Salt to Taste

Pasta – I first brought a pot of water to boil with a pour of olive oil and sea salt for the pasta. While the water was boiling I gathered all ingredients and began with the Kale.
Kale – I washed and dried it (with a bounty) and de-stemmed it. I remembered reading somewhere that rubbing the kale with your hands while washing helps diminish the bitter taste in it so of course I did that. I then began horizontally cutting thin slices of it; and put it aside.
Walnuts – I like to manually break the walnut up into pieces but most would probably prefer placing a bunch of them in a ziplock and pounding it with a hard end.
Garlic – I usually have the small bottle of already chopped garlic (life’s not suppose to be that hard)
For these type of dishes I use my stir fry pan (not sure if that’s it’s correct name). So I began by putting the stove on low heat to toast the walnuts; which takes about 5-6 min. KEEP stirring the walnuts or they WILL burn (it happened to me). Once they’re a bit toasted set them aside and add to your warm pan a drop of olive oil, a spoon of garlic, a pinch of sea salt, and pour the sliced mushrooms.
At this point the water must be boiling so you can put in the pasta and leave the lid off. Allow the mushrooms to cook to your liking. (I don’t usually like them to shrink too much) Set the mushrooms aside.
Again, add a drop of olive oil, a pinch of sea salt, and a spoon of garlic. Then, add the kale. Once the Kale has softened and turned into a dark green set it aside and turn off the stove.
By this time the pasta should be ready. (The inner kid in me still throws pasta on the wall to test) ** Before draining set aside 1 cup of pasta water and then proceed into draining the pasta.
Because I’m making a whole box it is a whole lot of pasta so once I’ve drained the pasta I wash the pot and place it back on the stove.
Now, turn the stove of the stir fry pot back on, on low heat and pour half the cup of pasta water, half the mushrooms, half the kale and half the walnuts. Stir all together and taste to check if any sea salt is needed. Once taste is checked add half the pasta and stir until everything is mixed in well.

Pour into empty pot and repeat process for the other half of the ingredients.
**If you’re not on a “NO DAIRY” plan, fresh grated cheese would make this dish perfection**


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