The Lights Will Turn On Today

Today I’m scheduled to begin the process of putting together a business plan. It’s an idea I’ve had for some time now and after a lot of thinking and considerations I feel ready to begin. So, do I begin now? After housewives of Atlanta? After picking my little cousin up from school? Before the gym? After dinner?
10 ideas a day and not 1 goes on paper. That’s the creator I’ve become. I know what I want but don’t know where to begin; nonetheless when to begin. My best executions have been under pressure without any planning but no matter the time constraint all my projects were created in an organized manner. But, this isn’t an assignment for some credits, nor a project I’m getting paid to complete. This could change my financial situation entirely. This could be the start of something major and I can’t seem to decide where to begin. Do I need a supporter? A motivator? A mentor? (Do those people cost money?)
I’m torn between surrounding myself with others that are willing to put in time to do work and being entirely alone. Of course I’d give myself two unavailable options. I’m never entirely alone and my surroundings aren’t currently focused on doing the work I need to get done.
But… Now that my feelings are on somewhat of a paper …
Today I’m going to try to stick to a plan, AGAIN.
Today I will not fail.

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