The Class in Classic

Back in November of last year (2013) I made a trip to Peru and was taken to a car museum that was beyond impressive. I have always loved to look and admire classic and luxury cars but never realized how much I appreciated them. Luckily I have a lover who loves cars himself and although we tend to have VERY opposite tastes in cars, I love that he’s always teaching me something new about them and how they work. We had spent all summer going to a mini Classic American Car show that was held weekly a block away from my house and they always have beautiful cars and the feel is always so American. Peru though, Peru is not so American whatsoever.
Peru is full of classic cars on the road unlike the US; where the latest editions of an automotive rides around and classic models are very rare. European, Japanese, and American cars take over loads of traffic in Lima but you only take a double look at them if you appreciate the car to begin with because if not they just look like an old, rusty, unmaintained, box called an automobile. So, after two weeks of just being exposed to imagining how beautiful these cars once were I witnessed an impressive collection. Asociacion Museo del Automovil Coleccion Nicoloni is located in La Molina in Lima and it’s entrance is on a side street that has brick framing metal doors that hold a small discreet sign of the museum. The sign described so well the sophistication that was about to be discovered after paying a less than $7 ticket.

Upon entering you find cars that have just come in and have not yet been restored and still have history to be recorded to be shared with the public.









Your less than $7 ticket also gives you access to the shop where the magic happens.

This video doesn’t fully describe the beauty you witness in person. These automobiles get brought to life carefully by these employees that come to love their projects.
I will weekly share the story behind some of the cars I loved the most in this museum. I’d like to commend Mr. Nicolini for sharing his passion and well dedicated idea behind his collection it truly is remarkable.

Here is one of my favorites:

1965 Shelby GT-350
The Shelby was named after Carroll Shelby (its creator) giving the Ford Mustang a racing image. Only 8 out of the 525 Shelbys built for this year were brought to Peru.
Engine: Ford
Cylinders: 8 in V
Capacity: 4,736cc
HP: 306 @ 6,000 rpm
Speed: 210 km/hr

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