Baked Sweet Potato Chips

Snow days make you crave evil chips and junk for no good reason! So while I was home alone with no lover, just my pup and horrible TV I experimented and grabbed a couple sweet potatoes and got to work.
I drizzled some olive oil onto the sliced sweet potatoes I had placed in a bowl and let them sit there while I prepared my oven.

I foiled my oven rack so that I could spread all the slices out since I didn’t have a large enough sheet. This worked perfectly and it’s an easy clean since I could just toss out the foil afterwards. **My mom came up with this idea when I told her about my attempt.**

I then turned the oven up to 450 degrees and began laying out the slices. There were a lot of them so by the time I finished spreading them out the oven was ready.

After 15-20 min I began checking the thicker slices (since I manually cut them they weren’t perfect) to see if they were getting a little dark underneath. Once I began seeing them darken on the bottom I sprinkled a little seasalt on them and flipped them over. Checked again after about 20 minutes and began removing the thinner ones that were already getting crispy. The thicker ones took a little more turn overs than the rest.
It’s a little hard to estimate the entire time since it all depends on the thickness of your slices but mine took less than an hour all together.

They were delish and Thor approved!



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