Baked Turkey Quinoa Spinach Meatballs

Just the balls you need in your life! High protein and fiber with lots of nutients…
The Needs: (makes 40 meatballs)
-2lbs Ground Turkey
-1cup chopped raw spinach
-1cup cooked Quinoa
-0.5cup chopped Onion
-2tsp garlic powder or 3 minced cloves
-2tsp dry oregano
-1tsp ground flaxseed
-1egg beaten
-Salt and pepper to taste

Turn oven up to 350 and begin mixing all ingredients above. Spray pan with cooking spray and begin forming small tight meatballs and place them uniformly on the pan. Make sure to turn over meatballs about 18-20 min in. They should be ready within 40 minutes from the start of baking. While baking prepare you favorite sauce and begin boiling water for your pasta (I’m still using whole grain!). Pour completed sauce into a larger pan with sufficient space for meatballs when they’re ready. **Make sure to remember adding salt to your meatball mix because the excitement and delicious look can make you forget to**
Here’s an over ready picture:

Sprinkle your favorite grated cheese over these when they’re ready and you’ll taste a little bit of heaven.


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