A Morning Kiss Goodnight

Today as I searched for the perfect breakfast smoothie blend to boost up my energy I keep replaying my lover kissing me good bye this morning before leaving for work. Although I was more asleep than awake when it happened it was more vivid than my dream. Will this habit end, if so when?
So many women in my life have been unprepared for a foreseen but unaccepted ending due to promises and actions that their significant others had filled them with. I’d be lying if I said I’m not a bit scarred by my surrounding’s experiences. Constantly observing his actions and changes to make sure it’s not time to prepare to move on once again. Questioning the extra nice gestures because they may be making up for what I don’t know. Because what’s a relationship today like that isn’t full of doubt and insecurities right? We’ve all been down the road of game playing, holding ammo, and late night phone checking to prove that your gut is correct or to reassure yourself that you’re relationship is real.
Although I’m grateful that I’m currently in a relationship that isn’t undergoing any of the previously mentioned I do catch myself wondering how long our high will last. Our bond and happiness seems like it’ll never have an end and our talks are about forever not just about today, but that’s typical when all is good.
Relationships are beautiful and as much as I’ve heard many say they’re hard work I beg to differ. Someone once saw me go through a very stressful time and gave me an advice I remind myself of very often: “life’s not suppose to be this hard; you’re just making it this way”. Relationships only become “hard work” when someone in it wants out. A lot of people say that a relationship/marriage is all about compromise, which I agree with, but they fail to mention that it’s about the “want” to compromise not the “have” to compromise.
My twenties up to now have been full of learning experiences and as far as I’ve seen and lived through in regards to relationships I’ve come to some conclusions that I’ll share with you today.
1. You learn who your friends are
2. Lying gets you nowhere
3. Don’t wait too long to express your feelings
4. Kids and pets have to be mutually desired
5. Honesty makes you a better person for you and your other half
6. People don’t change
7. Time doesn’t heal a broken heart; a better love does
8. Avoid selfish partners
9. People confuse comfortability with love
10. Trust your gut’s feelings
11. Fuck buddies don’t require communication, relationships do
12. Opposites may attract but couples with common interests share a life
13. A woman will always be a reflection of the man she’s with
14. Kiss often 😉

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