I can see my floor! – When great work starts paying off

Second Day that my mind excitedly wakes up to start an early day.  It’s 9 am and I have already lost my car keys, yelled at Thor, washed my face, brushed my teeth, taken my little cousin to school, eaten breakfast, and made my lover coffee.  Compared to a regular day in my life, after going to bed past midnight, that’s a whole lot of accomplishments.  What has changed? Was it the deadly stomach virus that had me in bed for four days that has broken the relationship I have with it?  Maybe it’s the fact that my room finally has a beautiful wooden floor I can see! Whatever the case may be I can’t stop thinking of a tweet I have recently seen … “If hard work pays off, imagine Great work”. 

I have been gradually working on organizing my life and daily tasks — I know I know but I’m a Virgo; a perfectionist in everything with a motivation like no other.  Maybe you’re unaware that Virgos are constantly particular about everything because their lives are FULL OF CLUTTER.  Well, last year was a big year for me in the clutter department because I mentally began cleaning and 2014 is all about physically finishing the work and progressing.  Unfinished work is the reason behind my many sleepless nights and harsh mornings.  Nonetheless my days are now lighter and my mind seems less heavy (metaphorically speaking of course).  Maybe this stomach virus came in good timing as the grand finale of my major demons, maybe this week my efforts have begun paying off.  Although sleep is still very crucial in my life and although it’s only the second day life seems clearer and I know it’s not due to “Spring” because it’s cold as fuck outside.  I apologize for my language but I am an engineer so a little cursing should be excused from me, right?

Hard work does pay off don’t ever think it won’t.  “Hard work” is about the time you put in which isn’t easy to keep consistent so if you’re reaching a goal of consistency keep working and be proud of yourself.  You’re friends and family won’t understand your absence right away but they will one day.  After all, instant gratification has been proven to not be as rewarding as the long-term one.  Think of your time like your 401K, sacrifices made sooner will pay off quicker.  If you’re someone who has mastered your time consumption take some of that tiempo you have and look at your work, is it the best you can do or is it the best you have time for?  The greatest people in history never reached what they thought was the best they could be, but we believe they’re the best because of their great work.  

“If hard work pays off, imagine great work” … and remember Unfinished work will forever haunt you.

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