In Love or In Law


Weight issues, weddings, giving birth, having dogs, exes, gossip, plastic surgery, and celebrities are typical subjects included in an all girl, long road trip. Then comes an unusual yet usual subject for girls in their late twenties that either fills you with support that you’re not the only one or it makes you realize how lucky you are:
the in-laws.

Whether you’re married, engaged, or in a really serious relationship “in-laws” is an appropriate term for what may make or break your relationship.

Four girls, one car, made up of two women who are happy their in-laws don’t go visit, one who’s in-laws will never accept, and one who has already become the daughter her in-laws never had. How much power should your in-laws have on your relationship?

Coming from a very united family that means the world to me I can easily say that if my parents didn’t approve of my significant other I’d walk away without looking back. Now, I can’t seem to figure if I confidently think this because I know the kind of support my family provides me with and they’d get along with absolutely anyone who made me happy; or, do I truly feel like their opinion would really matter in regards to my future.

10+ hours in a car with three of my good friends who I look up to very much and I’ve learned a few things a about relationships and in-laws:
– You don’t end up marrying your them so, dealing with them a few times a year is easier AFTER a few drinks
– They don’t have to love you but it’s up to your boy/girlfriend to make them respect you
– They may come around more after you have kids so welcome them with open arms so they can babysit 😉
– In-laws can actually ruin your marriage
– They will always condemn you for your mistakes and never thank you for your significant other’s accomplishments


– Sometimes you get lucky and they ACTUALLY love you!


Always make sure that your true love is unbreakable.

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