Hinchliffe Stadium


On a unplanned drive through Paterson, where we both grew up, we found some signs of an event at Hinchliffe Stadium. A place that we remember as being next to the Great Falls, where soccer leagues were held when we were half our now permanent height. A place that I also remember passing by and peeking through in my teenage years, when it was already closed down, on a bicycle that was actually lend to me by Markus himself.

Even though he has mentioned a couple times that this was the home of the “Negro League” many years ago, I remember it different. To me walking in there this past weekend made me realize how quickly a place can take you back in time. Although the crowd was different, the turf was gone, and the stadium looked unmaintained and lonely, for a quick minute as we waited to check in I envisioned my self 5-6 years old again. My legs started itching like they would when I’d sit on those benches and I could see my dad warming up for his soccer match. I felt the excitement I always had before his game started and the boredom I’d always fall into when it felt like it’d never end. I missed my parents and our time we’d spend together just us three, we were inseparable. Now, I was back to reality next to Markus, the only person I don’t get sick of being around and we were about to be awed by vintage cars, former racers, and the hope that this place doesn’t disappear.

It was beautiful; the cars, the people, the feel that we were back in time with the music and energy. We learned that Hinchliffe is cared for by others that try to maintain it but it’ll take more than just a few friends to do so. Before we left our curiosity to ask who had organized this event led us to learn that there is an organization that is working towards its preservation and hopeful restoration: www.hinchliffestadium.org As we left, I saw Markus admire the details on the outside of what was originally designed for the stadium and I couldn’t help but make sure we partake in helping to maintain this place that has contributed to a few of our separate childhood memories and is now a memory of a day we spend together ❤

Obviously he was my photographer that day 🙂








A beautiful love of a wife assisting her lover before his race!




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