A touch of love

We have recently moved and my mom, being one of those crazy ladies that in order to wear new shoes she needs an entirely new outfit and hair style, has gone crazy finding “new” EVERYTHING. She wants new couches, bed set, dining room set, and so on; which is understandable if it’s due to the excitement that she’s in a new home, along with the fact that I strongly dislike that she usually hoards the craziest things. But, when it comes to furniture and anything made of wood I stand strong in keeping it to be restored, reused, or upcycled.

I have become mentally obsessed with keeping things that I will one day get to have as a project to do but, today I thank my mom for giving me that push to finally begin. She has, what I think is, a BEAUTIFUL wooden bedroom set that has a funky vintage cream/green color which I think could work as stylish in a different room, belonging to different person; PLUS if you know my momma she is a sweet modern lady that actually hates vintage.

ANYWAY … I used some leftover primer and sandpaper (100 GRIT) that I had used in repainting my kitchen last week and bought wood filler (Elmer’s) to cover up any deep scratches and/or dents.

What took the longest (naturally) was picking out the colors to refurbish this piece. Even though I already new I wanted light gray & white with silver handles, there are tons of grey and silvers to work with but I’m extremely happy with my choices!
I used Valspar, Satin, paint from Lowes: Regular white & “gravity” gray and for the handles I used: Valspar’s metallic spray paint.

Here’s the end result 🙂


… but stay tuned bc there is a bigger piece in this bedroom set that will require a little more work …

… As promised, here’s the larger piece!




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