Oh, December

The Holidays are here and I can’t help but be extremely emotionally grateful for the love and support my lover has provided me with on this particular year. Like many relationships ours has had its flaws, let downs, let go’s, endings, and several chances to begin again. Although there are many who are experiencing their first christmas alone in years, along with those going through christmas single yet again; I’d like to provide a little comfort zone that’ll point out fears those of us in committed relationships have to assure you that you are not alone.

If you are in your mid to late twenties yes, this has been the hardest year so far: Do I move out? Do I move back? Do I get a better/bigger place? Should I downsize? Should I be having kids? Do I want a dog? Was getting a dog a good idea? Where do I meet my future wife/husband? Should I get back with an ex? Should I propose? Is he going to propose? Should I be getting paid more? Should I be looking for a better job? Should I be working two jobs? Should I go back to school? Do I need a new car? I’m sure there are much more questions that we are all facing, single or not, that may make us lose our appetite or shove carbs down our throat but let me break the news in letting you know that these are all NORMAL mind boggling thoughts that should put us at ease that we’re in the right mindset. Of course a little exercise wouldn’t hurt in relieving some of these stressful thoughts, but nonetheless you are not alone.

Well, here we are, it’s December and we still can’t afford to retire our parents and send them on a trip around the world. It’s December and out of the 10 plans we had to accomplish this year we may have only done 3 (and that’s pushing it). It’s December and we feel alone somewhere in our lives whether it’s without a lover, without parental moral support, without a friend we’ve recently lost, without a job, without direction, or without some vision of what’s next for us. Yes, it’s December the season where spending family time (whether it’s with yours or someone else’s) is mandatory to remind us all that, once again,we are not alone.

You may have already found some comfort with your so-called “solitude” but for those waiting to hear the troubles those of us in our mid-late twenties that are committed to someone else fear prepare your popcorn because you’re actually free to waste your time on yourself rather than constantly thinking the following:
1. Will this be the best year we’ll ever share since it’s been the best year we’ve ever shared?
2. How will next year ever top this year since we’ve planned to be on a budget?
3. We’ve changed and grown up so much that we now understand each other; what if we change in different directions from here on?
4. Will I risk my relationship by following my dreams?
5. What if this is the best there will ever be? Do I put my future on hold to savor the sweetness in romance?
6. They say sex gets better in your 30s does that still count if it’s with the same person?
7. Does the cost of the gift signify the love? Does true love require thought behind a gift and discipline to save up?
8. Am I either too comfortable or not in love since it’s mid December and I still haven’t gotten my lover a gift?
9. Mid-late twenties are about budgeting; do I now have two families to gift?
10. The Holidays are here will the text to their ex be nicer than their card to me? Considering there will be one, of course.

Single or not the holidays are rude-awakenings for all of us and that’s in part the beauty of it. It’s the last month of the year before January comes around again; the month we use to start fresh and try new things. Well, now it’s only appropriate that I steer in this type of analogy and advise to always make sure that we are aware of all the cracks, dents, and supplies needed before refurbishing what’s already created; so, just remember: you are not alone.


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