No meats? No problem.

This weekend I spend some qt with a very close friend and after our workout we were craving some chipotle! Now, I know you must be thinking what a waste of a workout but we’re former soccer players that will forever have a huge appetite, especially after a workout. We both agreed that the best choice to get is anything “sofritas” so we proceeded to fulfill our post-workout craving. She began telling me how she didn’t eat my meatballs I made last time [ 😦 ] bc she’s avoiding meat which I took to no offense! I rarely crave meat unless it’s a burger or homemade meatballs (which may be the worst time to eat meat but oh well!) so to hear that someone in my life can actually hold out on meat is impressive. All I know is the one time I definitely don’t need meats is when I want mexican food! The flavors are so good that I could have beans, salsa, guac, and tortilla any day and sleep happy lol.

This morning while figuring out what to make for breakfast now that house sitting with the lover gives me a chance to experiment in the kitchen; we went for “huevos rancheros”. Pinterest, of course, provided all types of recipes and beautiful pictures so I read some and went with my gut 😉

Makes four tortillas
4 people or 1 really hungry couple

4 – eggs
1 – small cilantro bunch
1 – can of black beans
1 – can of fire roasted diced tomatoes
1 – package of crunchy corn tortillas
1 – lime
1 – red onion
1 – jalapeño pepper
1 – avocado
Olive oil
Minced or garlic powder
Salt & Pepper
Chili powder

Ok so FYI next time I make poached eggs I’ll post the easiest way I’ve learned how to!

You’ll need 3 skillets if your frying your eggs or you’ll need 2 skillets and a pot if your poaching. Which you’d pour water to boil first thing or you’ll fry your eggs last closer to serving time.

You’ll start with the salsa:

Chop your red onion into small squares that you’ll pour into your first skillet that’s already heating up the olive oil. Sauté for about 6-7 minutes then put as much chosen garlic style as you like (I love garlic so I’d tell you to use tons) along with your chopped and seeded jalapeño. Let it all cook for a few minutes and begin adding the ground cumin and chili powder. Pour the diced tomatoes with alllllll the juice! Let simmer for about 15 min adding salt to your liking.

**If you’re poaching you will now add your eggs into your boiling pot of water or you’ll begin frying your sunny side ups**

In the other skillet you’ll make the black beans:

Begin by pouring olive oil and choice of garlic, salt, and pepper. Make sure you drain the water from the beans before pouring into the skillet adding half a cup or water and cook for about ten minutes. Remove skillet from heat, use half of your lime and pour into your beans; mix. Pour beans onto a large plate to begin to smash with fork.

Slice the remaining half lime into four for garnishing. Grab your crunchy tortillas and spread the beans on them:

Add your choice of eggs over the beans and prepare to top it with your amazing smelling salsa

Slice your avocado in half and smash into guacamole style as a side and add your chopped cilantro over your tortillas to finish off your hard work!


Enjoy :-*

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