Thor the Great

To the pup that takes up most of my phone’s camera memory and in my world, could get away with anything …

Thor got neutered about a week ago. He’s a 3 year old pup with that believes he’s a lap dog, cries for everything, and decides to growl and bark at you when you get close to little kids bc they’re his friends.

When I dropped him off that morning around 7am I was in panic mode bc I felt like I was choosing to hurt him. I had read so many reasons why neutering him would be beneficial for his health but I’m sure I wasn’t the only one thinking “why am I doing this again?”. Between the moment I walked out of the place ’til the ride back around 3pm to get him I had the most bizarre thoughts; some that even made me feel like a horrible human being!
I wasn’t sure if I should research costs of a doggie funeral in case Thor had decided to fight the anesthesia to kill everyone or in case his procedure would go wrong. I felt like not investing in a $50 cone or having one of those donut pillows some ladies were walking with for him made me a bad mother. When I got home and he wasn’t there I realized this would be the only moment he wouldn’t be home all day and I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. On my way to pick him up I felt even more shitty bc the trainer had told me not to feel bad during his recovering, which I was preparing for, and thought “what a horrible person I’ll be when everyones hugging their pup but me”. Well good thing my boyfriend came because I know he’d definitely give in and feel bad for him if we saw him a bit down.

Horrible! My dog was a walking zombie that didn’t want to lick nor jump on me. He was running into everything in the house bc since he’s already too big he now has to master getting through everything with this oversized cone! My poor pup had no appetite ’til he smelled peanut butter that had his medicine hidden in it. That’s all he had the first day.
The second day I had to walk him bc he wasn’t allowed to run and jump in the backyard yet; not to mention the snow would wet his cut. He was walking fine til he was making me walk him over 30 min in single digit degree weather and wouldn’t “go”. He would come back in the house and begin shaking which I knew was because he had to poop but wouldn’t. So, I broke the rules and let him out into the back yard and this giant cone headed dog was running around like nothing had happened to him and was super happy. He was all back to normal in the house: greeting, jumping, eating, and barking. The following day when he was let out he decided running into everything would release him from his cone and he succeeded. After keeping a close watch on him for a couple days we’ve given up worrying bc, he is Thor. He’s strong and invincible. He won’t allow a small procedure keep him down and resting he has a couple he needs to make smile and home to protect.
So here’s Thor 6 days after his procedure playing in the snow.

Crazy pup ❤




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