Crunchy Turkey Tacos

Eff Taco Bell! Chipotle tacos are delish! White corn shells with sofritas 😋 

Unfortunately, I don’t know how to make sofritas yet and think of taco bell sometimes 😔.  

Today I decided to have Taco Night and to have a beef alternative, I used ground turkey.  Such an effortless dish for anyone afraid to cook or burn down the kitchen … You cannot go wrong!

Buy any taco seasoning packet. Instead of using the directed 1lb of ground meat, chicken, or turkey, use 2lbs or half a packet. The taste is still the same without the use of so much condiments and some Himalayan Pink salt added could be helpful and harmless. 

(I usually buy a family pack of ground turkey and in a separate skillet make the rest of the ground turkey in chili.  Follow directions on any chili seasoning packet but I replace tomato sauce with a can of fire roasted diced tomatoes. *Note: since its turkey you don’t need to drain any water and your water addition will be a bit less) 

Dice your tomato and shred your romaine while your taco filling is cooking.  My favorite shredded cheese is “Sorrentos Taco and Nacho”, it’s a very tasty finishing touch.    

BTW — I always prefer the white corn crunchy shell to hold my creation together 😉


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