Flowers :

Flowers on our Birthday – he didn’t want to, he had to.

Flowers on Valentine’s Day – how original.

Flowers when you’re sick – did he think I was gonna die?

Flowers for Christmas – aww! … Wait. Christmas gifts should cost more with some  thought behind it.

Flowers just because – wtf did he do now?

We all want flowers.  We hate not getting them and question when we get them.  Their beauty will be lost by our thoughts and past experiences.  Sometimes is best to recieve them from your friends OR give them to your friends.  I’ve never admired flowers as much as when I arrange them myself. 

Truth is, the best flowers you’ll ever hold are the ones you pick out yourself; even if they are for someone else.  

My favorite combination consists of the flowers that didn’t make it to the “main” arrangement, leftovers.  They may have not been able to compete against the rest of the bunch but, then again, they’re more precious when they’re isolated.  There’s more detail to appreciate … less is always more, like leftovers.


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