Chili Rancheros 

Had some leftover turkey chili and some left over taco shells from the other night. Crack those shells, pour heated chili, stack poached eggs on top, and sprinkle taco night’s shredded cheese.  Heat full plate for a half minute to melt your cheese sprinkles and VOILA!

I may have blogged it before but in case I haven’t here’s my easiest way to poach eggs.  Have a box of sandwich bags (without ziplock) around for any time you rather not fry your eggs.  Spray a tiny bit of coconut oil and crack egg in sandwich bag (you can also salt and pepper your egg in here if you like but chili is full of flavor so I opted out).  Knot the bag.  I prefer to loosely knot it so I could see the progress of the poaching but after a few practices you’ll know which way works best for you. Bring water in small pan to a boil and dump your eggs; 5-7 minutes should do it but then again your liking may be different according to how you prefer your yolk texture to be.  Have scissors handy to cut below the knot after you’ve removed bag from the pot and your poached egg should slip right out! 

Poached eggs over mashed avocado on toast is one of my faves 🙈


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