When you fail, try again

Getting a new dining room set is always exciting but a very expensive decision.  Paying so much for mediocre design, detail, and wood turns out into a nightmare.  Then, the thought of where my furniture may end up reaches an entirely different stress level. 

Save the furniture.

I figured lets put some work to peel off the current stain coating and let’s try a different coat for a more dramatic look. (I must’ve been in a funny mood bc even my choice of fabric was a bit morbid but I must say it felt nice)

I went from this…


To this …

I personally still think it’s a beautiful piece but the stain kept coating unevenly and differently because of the wood filler I had to use in certain areas where my pup decided to take out his teething days. 

After a few months of observing and secretly hating it I decided to go a different route with the set.  :: Thankfully I had not touched the table itself aside from stripping it from its old stain and top coat.::

I began by searching for some inspiration everywhere I went and decided to paint it light and give the seats a more fresh brighter look. 

I began sanding the entire stain away and as I was almost done with my first chair my dad stopped me and told me that first of all pregnant women shouldn’t be doing so much work 😏 and second of all the paint would cover the stain.  So, I decided to lightly sand the rest of it just so the paint would be absorbed better and my hard work wouldn’t go in the trash lol.

Check it out!  

I’m excited for the rest of it 😊

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