The Extras

Having extra fabric around is something I’ve been trying to really minimize since it will most likely end up getting thrown out. So, when I found some beautiful fabric for my accent chair I only bought what was needed. (Biggest Mistake) 
I loved it so much that I decided to also use it on my high chairs that have been needing some revamping for a while now. Of course this required a trip to the fabric shop again but I’m glad I did it to make sure I didn’t find something else for the high chairs.  

Upon removing the seat I cleaned the metal and the wooden pieces on the chair and realized that the wear and timing had taken a toll on the metal and it would also need a little spray paint to retouch the foot rest, which was not a hassle to do at all. Some screws needs replacing and repainting as well.  

The works:  

All that was done was: 

  • seating removal 
  • metal, foot rest, and screw spraying
  • reupholstering while the paint dried

Done Deal!


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