Baby Kai has been thriving in his development but he’s not a fan of grabbing things for too long nor is he interested in extending his arms (which makes it a battle during changing time). I’m sure it’ll develop with time but since I know baby play gyms are helpful I figured it’s time to get him into it.  After a little research I learned they’re actually great for babies to develop the want to grab, pay attention to moving objects, focusing, and sensory stimulation.Since I’ve been trying to equip life with only the most necessary things and I’ve been avoiding bulky items because having space and room to breathe creates peace for me (after all  home is suppose to be peaceful) I figured this would be a bit of a task since baby gyms are usually pretty freakin big! Mind you they have crazy colors that don’t look so good with our interiors. So I knew it’d be a DIY and after a couple Pinterest and etsy visual trips I was set on creating a custom one for him. 

To find wooden sticks, balls, rings and things that’ll make them dangle :: Home Depot, Michaels, Hobby Lobby.

I bought 3/4″ wood dowel and a 2×1 finished pine board and had Home Depot cut it at 26″ and 25″ respectively. I didn’t want them to have pointy edges so I bought a belt sander and used it on its side to round the edges.  I must say for my first time sanding, it came out pretty good 🙂 I also bought Leather lace and wood glue to hold everything together.

I mentioned wanting to save space so I made sure I found a design that was foldable and in a way portable. 

As for colors since he’s a boy the brightest color I came across was royal blue and figured some gold leaf that I had left over from my chair would work to catch his eye.  To not allow the extra leather strands to go to waste I went back to high school and used my plastic lace weaving skills 🙊.

Here’s Baby Kai!

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