Flat Screen Baby

Since Baby Kai has turned One it’s all active fun now that the picture taking has toned down a whole lot since he’s been moving non-stop and my iPhone isn’t the most promising capturer of quick baby movement.  Yesterday, I let him get into a little trouble on his own, as I usually do, so he doesn’t get used to having a hero around all the time but I didn’t foresee what was going to happen in the 20 seconds I left the living room to grab a glass of water.  Needless to say everything in the living room is pretty much baby proofed (oh so we thought).  I walked with my full glass, a happy mom, talking to my “well-behaved” son that didn’t whine while I was away and walked into the body of a sweating mom in panic at the sight of a missing baby.  I put my glass down and circled the room with my eyes to witness him groping the top of the flat screen TV. How did he climb up the stand when it’s almost as tall as his body? Was it the baby love seat next to it? the stand with shelving on the other side? could he have used the stiff basket of toys as leverage? I’ll never know but I will never forget the day my baby reenacted king kong on the empire in that living room.


via Daily Prompt: Panicked

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