Tablet Taboo

Tablet – this oversized iPhone looking thing that gets carried around all over the place by children – including mine.

Taboo – a social custom prohibiting discussion of a particular practice.

Hi – I’m back.  Not sure for how long so don’t get to excited but Starbucks gave me some stars due to overspending money in there and I treated myself to a Venti latte this morning for breakfast — I know not very healthy, whatever.

The tablet has been my biggest fear since giving birth because well let’s be real I LOVE my phone and sometimes rather hang out with it more than hang out with my friends and if I’m with my family well I use it to record and take pictures. Don’t judge me for not wanting to miss or forget moments I want to cherish even the day I get Alzheimer’s!  I’ve seen WAY too many kids pre-birth sit at tables and walk around with these expensive gadgets that have these obnoxious animal covers as protectors and allllll I did was judge judge judge.  I made Mark agree with me that we wouldn’t allow our kid to be one of them.  We did very well for about two years, then we had to jump on a flight for vacation.  How do we keep a kid happy and avoid disturbing an entire plane full of humans? Mickey Mouse. Quite frankly, Izkai’s favorite character from that colorful club house is actually the biggest bully, Pete. So, Pete – Pete would keep him entertained for a few hours while he wasn’t sleeping on the flight.  So, I went on bc god forbid my son used any other brand, smh, and I bought a brand new iPad – judge me please.  The iPad did it’s job for sure and we managed to not have him carry it around Peru and came back happy.

What happened next?                          GRANDPARENTS

Well, my parents.  In the past few months I’ve felt more and more awful that my 2-year old’s icon is a youtuber named Blippie.  I’ve even started praying at night for the simple fact that I don’t want to wake up in 20 years to my son coming over to visit me in a colorful hat, suspenders, and orange glasses.  Although Izkai loves monster trucks, dinosaurs, trains, and school activities – I feel really guilty about his iPad OVERtime.  Mark has been sweet to send me links and articles where they actually say the benefits of tablets and comparisons parents (awesome parents!) have done with their own children (how do they find the time?).  This has put me at ease about my “spoiled” child, truthfully, although I still refuse to buy him a huge elephant shaped iPad cover.  I replay Mark’s voice all the time when I see Izkai use his little finger to navigate through that thing “tablet child’s line was straighter than non-tablet child” “tablet child’s blocks were taller than non-tablet child” “tablet child was more coordinated than non-tablet”.  Talk to yourself when in self-doubt they say, so thank you Mark!

I still think the iPad is getting in the way of Izkai’s social skills because he seems to dislike a lot of people but that may more of his mom’s genetics than the iPad’s fault :-).  Nonetheless Mark did one of his random texts today to make me feel better today and it said:

Non-Table vs Tablet – see below, Izkai loves Fire Trucks.

Maybe after he helps design or build tall structures he’ll have to be sociable – right?


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