Boo-Boos and Smiles

As many can relate whether you have a pet, child, children, or significant other waiting at home for you, late work days SUCK.  Today in particular I had scheduled a pending club meeting after work and had to arrange someone to pick up Izkai from his little university aka daycare.  While I was sitting in the meeting I kept checking my phone and fidgeting (which checking my phone is expected, fidgeting – not so much).  I kept expecting the “Izkai got another report written up” text since he’s gotten two already this year (it’s only been 17 days into the year btw which I’ll save for a later post) but, instead I got the “you forgot to leave the key to the house” text from his sitter.  OK – I asked her to go get dinner with him while I wrapped up the meeting – easy fix! Something still didn’t feel right though, that mother’s intuition is a mf (meeting f***er).

Sorry for cursing Papi

Finally on my way home this anti-donut mom over here stopped by Dunkin.  I’m still debating whether it was to make Izkai happy or make me feel less guilty.  I ran up my 20 steps – don’t quote me on the “20” but since this little guy can only count up to that number he somehow always makes them be 20 steps – anyway, I opened the door excited to see him only to find a baby face that looked like I missed his toddler boxing match today. I didn’t freak out I swear but my IMMEDIATE thought was – “WTF didn’t I get a phone call”. Now, I know I don’t pick up unknown numbers nowadays because they always call offering solar panels for an eligible home that I don’t own but I think I would’ve picked up a local number or I would’ve heard a voicemail.  I understand there aren’t any broken bones or excessive continuous bleeding but I would like to be a little prepared to what I’m coming home to.  Perhaps it’s nothing I should leave work for but I would’ve totally skipped that club meeting to come home to cuddle.  The boo-boo post was apparently posted on the daily connect this morning which I promise was not there when I last checked at 1:30PM.   Plus even daddy Mark who’s more on top of this parenting game didn’t see it – maybe we coincidentally had one of those busy days but still!

In conclusion, I currently have a happy almost 3 year old in the tub playing with bubbles and as I’m staring at his bruised nose I’m willing to pay extra at drop-off tomorrow for a phone call next time something of this nature happens and they don’t receive a reply from us within the hour after posting.  And while Izkai’s here with the boo-boo I’m the one hurting for him, but knowing his face-plant could’ve been worst I’m appreciative of his current smiles.  Am I overreacting?!, I would love to hear from mommas, caretakers, daycare owners etc. on thoughts and experiences with boo-boos and smiles.


One thought on “Boo-Boos and Smiles

  1. Ummm not over reacting at all!! That mark is so noticeable. My babysitter(aka my sister) calls me the minute Jayla gets the slightest injury! IT’S CALLED COURTESY PEOPLE!!! Probre bebe 😩

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