Check out my foam!

No dairy? OAT-AY! Let’s talk about oat milk, a non-dairy option like soy, coconut, almond, and hemp milk. I personally drink black coffee (hot or iced) on a daily since I’m on the go but whenever I have the chance to sit down and enjoy coffee I indulge in espressos – I’ll take it as a latte, shot – especially if there’s ice-cream around, or cappuccino; yes, in that order. Can I over emphasize that I drink coffee hot or iced? Like if it’s not hot it NEEDS to be iced there’s no thrill in room temperature coffee. Stop being lazy people either heat it up or put ice in it – both of which require you to get up and get some steps in.

I’ve finally gotten an espresso machine that does quite the job, it’s definitely exceeded my expectations of a home-made shot/latte/cappuccino. For those of you looking for one – I’ve been doing research for over a year now trying to avoid making a silly purchase on something mediocre. I took the plunge when a friend offered one he was selling and had hands-on experience with it. I’m working with a Rancilio Silvia at home and love my kitchen a little more lately!

A healthy sustainable body.

No, I’m not talking about myself lol we’re still on oat milk. Let’s start with the already known but in case you didn’t, healthy fun facts. Oats and their milk play a big role in your body when it comes to lowering cholesterol because it is cholesterol free and its rich consistency helps absorb what you already have without retention since it (and we move on to the next benefit) is a great tool to maintaining a healthy digestive system. Oat milk is also (here come two more benefits) full of minerals – and all of the above provides your body with enhancement to your immune system.

Environmentally Sustainable – hello 2019 – we’re all on board now right? Good. Oat milk is a great sustainable option. Did you know that greenhouse gas emissions from oat milk is just ONE-THIRD of that generated in producing cow’s milk? In case you weren’t aware the dairy industry has a significant impact on our planet. What does that mean exactly for you “numbers” readers? Cow’s need to eat, grain needs to be massively produced, energy is needed to turn cow’s milk to drinkable milk, consumer friendly, milk needs packaging, methane output from the animal etc … let’s just say that one purchase of the “moo” is the same as about 18 lbs of carbon dioxide. People are talking about us americans btw. They’re saying that the average citizen here produces about 3,000 lbs of CO2 emissions per month. I’m not sure if I should take that as “maybe they should build a wall around us to avoid us from poorly influencing the rest of the world” or “Don’t be basic – drink plant-based milks”.

Body – here comes the good stuff! The milk tastes gooooood. It has balance, flavor, appeal (am I talking about wine?). I tried it a few years ago in a hidden gem of a cafe and have been spending the following months asking restaurants and cafes if they serve oat milk and have gotten no satisfying replies so I’ve been sticking to my second fave, coconut milk. Something happened this fall – I started getting “yes we have oat milk” and my heart began getting happier and then I got a machine and it was over for these cafes; I’m making my own! The froth is a seals the deal, it’s creamy, rich, tastes even better than any milk without any additives. I haven’t tried it but I have full trust in it that it would even enhance the teas, chais, matchas!

What’s next? Well aside from my excitement to learn some latte art I’m happy to have a healthy sustainable body right at home 😉

Check out my foam.


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